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07.03.2009 Compane KAMA celebrates
its 15 th anniversary.
History of the Company was started at 7 March'94 to launch the first production line of packed sunflower oil.

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We want to know your feedback about our products and their use.
Your questions and comments are important to us.

If you would like to contact us, please
contact us at info@kama.ua
or use the feedback form

Main office:
02660, Ukraine, Kiev, M.Raskovaya str., 11B, office 404, postbox 19
phone/fax: ( +38 044 ) 239 07 36
email: office@kama.ua

Address of manufacture:
36014, Ukraine, Poltava, Ostrovskiy str., 43
phone: +38(0532) 50 9082
fax: +38(0532)50 9120
email: poltava-lab@kama.ua

Sales Department:
phone: +38(0532) 611861
fax: +38(0532)50 9120
email: poltava-office@kama.ua