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07.03.2009 Compane KAMA celebrates
its 15 th anniversary.
History of the Company was started at 7 March'94 to launch the first production line of packed sunflower oil.

Cooperation and partnership
KAMA company is always glad to cooperate with you!

We build and develop a stable relationship with our business partners. We respect each other and strive to learn from our collective accomplishments, while maintaining consistently high competitive ability.

We are grateful to those who help us move forward. This - our consultants, who provide us with assistance in various areas of our suppliers, which supply us with high-quality materials, our distributors who help us deliver our product to the consumer and, of course, our customers.

Individual approach to each - one of the fundamental principles of relations with our partners.

We believe our cooperation will be mutually beneficial and enduring.
In all matters relating to the proposals of raw materials or components for production, please contact the Department of Procurement:

phone./fax: +38 (044) 239-0736
For distribution and purchase of our products, please contact the sales department:

phone: +38 (0532) 61-1861
факс: +38 (0532) 50-9120
To purchase products in your area
please contact our distributors:
When you click on the names of cities,
below the output contacts of distributors in the city

Дистрибьюторы в Киеве Дистрибьютор в Ужгороде Дистрибьютор в Луганске Дистрибьютор в Хмельницком Дистрибьюторы в Харькове Дистрибьютор в Хусте Дистрибьютор в Донецке Дистрибьютор в Житомире Дистрибьютор в Днепропетровске Дистрибьютор в Сумах Дистрибьюторы в Полтаве Дистрибьютор в Херсоне Дистрибьютор в Черкассах Дистрибьютор в Симферополе Дистрибьютор в Виннице Дистрибьютор в Горловке Дистрибьютор в Львове
Production company "Lan-Ukraine"
phone.(044) 236-9555

phone.(044) 525-9204; 524-3697; 525-2804

ООО "Pan Product"
phone.(044) 332-7035